Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world.

Silke Liederbach is a medium who communicates with the spirit world. She receives personal answers for you from the spirit world. Yet she is very much a woman of this world.

There is nothing esoteric about her exceptional abilities, and she conveys clear and insightful messages from the beyond. Her abilities have been trained and refined by leading teachers from all over the world. She now has an international reputation in her field.

A white dress.
No, two little
dresses, really
little ones.
A girl, maybe 5.
Just one girl.
It was painful.
But it is good now. That’s
coming across very clearly.
There is something about a
blue cupboard. For the other girl.
very clearly:
Georg. The
colour red.
Wants to say goodbye.
Points to a house.
A very old house. He liked
being there and there is ...
a pocketknife.
It seems to connect
them very closely.
A really wild red.
A boy.
About 10.
Sweet, blond.
Likes to laugh.
It was a game.
An accident.
Holds his head. Yes, the head.
Nobody is to blame.
A window keeps appearing.
An elderly
man, in a
suit, stately.
There’s something about a hand.
But your hand. Laughter.
Oh, you’re wearing
your father’s wedding ring.
Very confident, almost loud.
Now the word Sunday comes.
And forest. Sunday and forest,
very peaceful.
He rubs his stomach.

From a sitting with a mother and father,
who are grieving their lost twin daughter.

Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world for you to process profound pain.

From a sitting with a man
who lost his brother in an accident.

Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world for you to find peace in precious memories.

From a sitting with a woman
who lost her brother as a child in a tragic accident.

Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world for you to stop feeling guilt.

From a sitting with a daughter
who has unresolved issues with her deceased father.

Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world for you to find peace.

“Bringing life into death. This means transmitting personal answers to people in all their grief, their longing, their doubts and their pain. Answers that bring comfort.”

A gift cannot be learnt. But it can be honed and refined to help others in the best way possible. This is what Silke Liederbach believes.

Ever since she was a child, she has been aware of her ability to receive messages from the other world. Many powerful experiences, personal strokes of fate and recognition on the part of internationally recognised mentors have moved her to share her exceptionally precise psychic abilities with you.

My services

The doors to answers from the spirit world are open. In five different ways.

Private sittings and readings for you in Silke Liederbach’s pleasant rooms near Frankfurt, participating in medial evenings, professional medial coaching or the very special service of establishing telepathic contact to severely disabled persons or coma patients.

Which of these options best suits you and your world? More information, free appointments and booking made easy for you.

Silke Liederbach lives and works temporarily in Bali. There she fights against her leukaemia and takes care of setting up a foundation. You can find out more about this here:


Beyond contact / 45 Min. / 1-to-1


Impulses / 45 Min. / 1-to-1

Medial coaching

Training / 4 Std. / 1-to-1

Medial evenings

Beyond contact / 2 Std. / Gruppe

Severely disabled persons & coma patients



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A very vibrant world in the here and now occupies itself with what we call the afterlife.

Internationally renowned mentors such as Janet Parker, Steven Levett and Gordon Smith, hailed worldwide as “Britain’s most accurate medium” have had a strong influence on Silke Liederbach’s path. A path that always leads to the same answer: that our world is not the end.

Gordon Smith

Most accurate medium
Gordon Smith has worked as a medium and spiritual teacher for the past 30 years. He is well-known throughout the world thanks to his many international stage appearances and his appearance in BBC television documentaries. He is one of Silke Liederbach’s most important mentors.

Janet Parker

Founder of Arthur Findlay College
Janet Parker is the founder of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College. For more than 30 years, she has been teaching her deep knowledge as a medium. She holds the highest rank in the well-respected organisation, the Spiritual Nation Union. Together with Gordon Smith, she has been one of Silke Liederbach’s most important mentors.

Steven Levett

Trance healer and medium
Steven Levett completed his studies at the legendary Arthur Findlay College in Great Britain and, like Silke Liederbach, he was trained by Gordon Smith. As a globally recognised trance healer and spiritual teacher, he has been an important mentor to Silke Liederbach.

Rico Crudeli

Medium and spiritual counselor
Rico Crudeli also visited the renowned Arthur Findlay College, was trained by Gordon Smith and Steven Levett and was already on stage with the Swiss medium Pascal Voggenhuber. Together with Silke Liederbach, he organizes media evenings in Germany and Switzerland.


Death is an optical illusion.

Albert Einstein

Book tips

What is the best way to draw closer to something you cannot immediately comprehend?

Find a good book on the subject and delve into the spirit world page by page. Here are some reading recommendations as well as something to look forward to: Silke Liederbach‘s first book will come out in early 2019. Complete with entirely surprising perspectives and touching stories.


Some experiences not only stick in your memory, they change your view of the world.

A medial evening or a private sitting can be an experience like that. Here you can experience live and vividly enough to spark goose bumps how Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several visitors.

Silke Liederbach before a sitting in her studio
Medial evening
Salzburg, 2017
Frankfurt, 2018
Medial evening
Salzburg 2017
Silke Liederbach with her mentors Steven Levett & Gordon Smith
Silke Liederbach before a sitting in her studio
Medial evening
Salzburg, 2017
Silke Liederbach with the medium Rico Crudeli from Switzerland